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How I Write, What I Write About and What Inspires Me
Copyright 2013, Glenda Ivey.
All rights reserved.
GLENDA IVEY was born and raised in Rome, Georgia, a picturesque town of 35,000 nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains 70 miles north of Atlanta. When a bit of snow in the winter gives way to the celebration of spring, new life of flowering trees and shrubs are aglow with color making Rome, with its three rivers, a spectacular sight.  Then, as summer slips into autumn, trees seem to explode with a kaleidoscope of crimson, yellow and blazing orange. Natural scenic beauty, that is breathtaking during any season of the year, only adds to the enchantment of this small town.  

Rich with Cherokee Indian history, (Glenda is one-quarter Cherokee) Rome is only 17 miles from New Echota, the original Cherokee Nation. Because of its seven identical hills, Rome was named after Rome, Italy and in appreciation, this prominent Italian town presented the author's hometown with an exquisite, life-size bronze statue of Romulus and Remus (the twins and mythical founders of Rome, Italy) with the she-wolf that raised them.
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Publisher, Author, Promoter, Speaker
Founder/Past President - Florida Writers Assn., Inc.
Owner - JADA Press & JADA Promotion

Glenda is extremely driven, ambitious and naturally intense, and proof of that is the many challenges she has chosen to pursue. Previously, she put most of her time and energy into working and raising a family. Her working years included teaching dance to children, as well as instructing adults in the art of ballroom dancing. Glenda was also the owner and National Director of the Miss Dixie Darlin' Beauty Pageants. Her years of working in real estate and property management called for extensive promotional research, development of  marketing plans, as well as the strategic planning process of business growth for privately owned organizations. Glenda has held numerous workshops on the different aspects of public relations, motivation and promotion.   

She has studied the publishing business extensively and speaking engagements about changes in the publishing industry and how to get published in the midst of these changes, motivational promotion and marketing in general come naturally for Glenda. She is in demand for workshops, speaking engagements, as well as television interviews on these topics.

Glenda is well-known in the world of Internet book promotion, but better known for the tireless and never-ending assistance she gives other writers. "I remember very well when I first began looking for promotional outlets on the Internet years ago. There was very little to choose from and few places to go for help. At times, I felt completely lost. I don't want it to be that way for new writers who were just now joining the scene. I wanted, in some small way, to make it easier for them."

While living in Florida, Glenda was shocked to learn that there was not a statewide writer's organization open to all categories of writing. Always one who loves a challenge, she founded and became the President of Florida's first statewide, nonprofit organization for writers, Florida Writers Association, Inc. Within 17 months the membership grew from "one" to 400, making it the fastest growing association for writers in the South. She gave the slogan, "Writers Helping Writers" to the organization and believes in that concept completely. She believes that devoted writers are always desperately learning and it's their obligation to share what they've learned with others.
From childhood, Glenda was blessed with a spirited imagination, a natural enthusiasm for life, as well as the art of embellishing a story to make it more colorful. Growing up as an only child had a lot to do with this author's ability to expand her creativity into compelling storytelling. As a teenager, Glenda fell in love with the magic of words and often thought of writing, but her love of dance overshadowed her desire to write at that time, so she became an avid reader instead. 

Having such a devotion for books, she didn't dare ever make a mark on a page, much less fold the corner of one. To this day, her respect for keeping her 500+ books in mint condition remains the same. As a youngster, she always felt sad when leaving the library. She just didn't want to go off and leave all those wonderful books. And after visiting the 250 room Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina for the first time, Glenda said that she could easily spend the rest of her life holed up in that marvelous library filled with thousands of books.
Glenda has lived in  Rome & Atlanta, GA, Falls Church, VA, Austin & San Antonio, TX and Lima, Peru. She now lives in Jacksonville, FL with her greatest fan, her husband, Jake, his greatest fan, Rusty, the 5 lb. Poodle, and Sassy, an angel of a Maltese, who "goes with the flow."
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